Short Film – Atgofion/Memories

Short Film based on the short stories written by Wyn Mason, on Waldo and Linda Williams’ life. As it is 60 years since the publication of ‘Dail Pren’ a collection of Poems written by Waldo Williams, a prolific Welsh language poet.

I created the film as a celebration of their lives together, so that others can hear their tragic and heart warming story. It was the first film I made, it was a steep learning curve from beginning to end. An exploration of ideas that could be possibly developed into a more polished piece in the future.


Designer, maker, director and editor – Luned Gwawr Evans
Writen by – Wyn Mason
Original Poetry – Waldo Williams
Waldo – Rhys Wholmsley
Linda – Maeve Bluebell Tonkin Wells
Composer – Roanna Castle