Devised ​by the ​company
Original ​story ​by: ​Nicola ​Davies ​& ​Cathy ​Fisher
Performers: Tessa ​Bide ​& ​Eline Hallem
R&D Performer: Stephanie De Whalley
Director/Dramaturg: Adam ​Fuller
Movement ​Director: Laura ​Street
Designer: Luned ​Gwawr ​Evans
Composer: Matt ​Huxley
Lighting and Projection ​Designer: Joe ​Stathers
Animations: Karolina Bielskyte, David Rock and Laura Miranda Moreno with input from Sabrina Marengo.
Assistant ​Producer: Claire ​Crawford
R&D Design ​Assistant: Marta ​Smyk

Tessa Bide Productions – Touring from April 2018.


The Guardian – 4*

Luned Gwawr Evans’s design feels warm and comforting: a cluster of pastel homes, dappled with sunlight, surrounds the stage. A large projection screen is filled with natural images inspired by Fisher’s illustrations: fluffy clouds, lush grass swaying in the wind, tiny swifts fleeing the nest….. He comes across an injured swift, represented by an exquisitely crafted puppet, controlled by Bide with emotion etched across her face. Layers of empathy build.”

Children’s Theatre Reviews

“Adam Fuller’s direction, Matt Huxley’s music, Joe ​Stathers’ lighting and projection, and Luned Gwawr Evans’s design immerse us in the dreamy world of Cathy Fisher’s illustrations. Fisher originally used pastels, but the set seems to utilise watercolour, with everything sort of bleeding into each other – the splashy-fronted houses into the multi-coloured dawn – capturing the ways nature and domestic life run into one another, just as the swifts’ and the sister’s stories intersect. Animations of sky, space, street and garden make for a vivid backdrop on a semi-circular screen, which is also used for some stunning shadow theatre, as the little boy dreams of the swordfights, races and cartwheels he’ll share with his sister once she’s born.”

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A young boy waits for the birth of his baby sister… He can’t wait to tell her all about the swifts which nest not far from the top window of their pointy house… it’s nearly time, she’s nearly here.

‘Perfect’ is an innovative adaptation of the beautiful illustrated book by Nicola Davies and Cathy Fisher, about a young boy meeting his disabled sister for the first time. Perfect is a remarkable story of anticipation and disappointment, acceptance and love, and the power of nature in all our lives. It will feature stunning animations inspired by the book’s illustrations, two talented performers, puppetry and an original soundscore composed by Matt Huxley.

Mae ‘Perfect’ yn sioe deuluol sydd wedi ei osod ar lyfr darluniadol i blant gan Nicola Davies a Cathy Fisher. Mae’n stori eithriadol am fachgen sy’n cwrdd â’i chwaer fach ond yn dod i ddeall ar ei dyfodiad ei bod hi’n anabl. Mae’n hanes hyfryd o gariad, siomedigaeth a derbyniad gan adlewyrchu pŵer byd natur ar ein bywyd. Mae’r sioe yn cynnwys ymadrodd corfforol, animeiddiadau syfrdanol sydd wedi’i ysbrydoli gan y llyfr, pypedau a cherddoriaeth wreiddiol gan Matt Huxley.

More Production photos here – Kirsten McTernan